For Investors

The information below is disclosed by Kyowa Leather Cloth as appropriate,
for our stockholders and investors to learn more about our company.

Business performance data

Stock Information

Information on our stocks

Stock listings Tokyo Stock Exchange, Standard Market (stock code: 3553)

Share unit number 100 shares

Fiscal term March 31

Authorized shares 80,000,000

Issued shares 24,500,000

Date to fix shareholder names
to receive year-end dividends
March 31 (transactions with dividend right shall
occur three or more business days in advance)

Date to fix shareholder names to
receive interim dividends
September 30 (transactions with dividend right
shall occur three or more business days in advance)

Shareholder registry administrator Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation

Method of public notice Electronic public notice given on the corporate website

Composition of major shareholders

Major shareholder name Shares held (in 1000s) Investment ratio (%)

Toyota Motor Corporation
8,360 34.7

The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (trust account)
1,625 6.7

Toyota Tsusho Corporation
1,554 6.4

1,041 4.3

Resona Bank, Limited
862 3.6

Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd.(trust account)
805 3.3

765 3.2

ESOP(Employee Stock Ownership Plan)
326 1.4

302 1.3

301 1.2

As of March 31, 2022 Note:The shares of Kyowa Leather Cloth have been deducted from the investment ratios listed.

Electronic Public Notice

The public notice of Kyowa Leather Cloth,
Co. Ltd. is posted in accordance with the provisions of Article 939, Paragraph 1 of corporate law.

Announcement of special account opened due to computerization of stock certificates

Due to the computerization of stock certificates, we have posted a public notice regarding a special account offering, based on the “Act for Partial Revision of the Laws and Other Regulations Concerning the Transfer of Corporate Bonds and Other Debentures” that was established to streamline the settlement of stock trades and other matters.

Announcement of Special Account Opened Due to Computerization of Stock Certificates (PDF)