Corporate Information

Kyowa Leather Cloth Co., Ltd. was established on August 1, 1935.
We continue to meet the limitless challenges, as we move towards becoming a century-old company.

Message from the President

Ever since our founding in 1935, our company has worked as a manufacturer of upholstery and covers for automobiles, residential interiors and shoes, to create products that offer a richer and more comfortable lifestyle with greater peace of mind for our customers through our sales of urethane synthetic leather, vinyl chloride leather and film products.
We are now moving towards a major revolution, one that only occurs once in a century. As our customers’ needs are radically changing, we will make even greater efforts to rapidly develop highly functional and visually appealing products, providing a proven level of quality to make our customers happy. We also aim to evolve as a manufacturer of wholly original parts and products with high added value, as we continue to meet the challenge of expanding our sales and forging ahead into new markets both inside and outside of Japan, and strive for the ongoing development of the entire group.
We will celebrate the 100th anniversary of our company's founding in 2035. Our desire is to work for the achievement of SDGs and carbon neutrality, and to carry out corporate activities that are beneficial for the Earth and for humanity alongside our stakeholders, as a company that is rooted in the local community yet continues to grow. We sincerely hope for even stronger support in the upcoming years from our customers.

Management Philosophy

By continually providing products that offer peace of mind, comfort and inspiration to our customers, we contribute to making a more comfortable society.

(1)Aim to be a good corporate citizen that is trusted by society, through highly ethical, open and fair corporate activities.
(2)Endeavor to carry out research and development activities that are ahead of the times, responding to our customers’ expectations
   now and in the future to create new value.
(3)Bring original products and production processes that are top-class from all of the standpoints of safety, the environment, quality,
   lead time and cost into reality.
(4)Create a corporate culture where individuals can proudly work by utilizing their personalities and potential, and where each person
   can realize and feel their own growth, based on mutual trust between labor and management.

Principles of Conduct

(1)Meet the challenge of working by pursuing your dreams and ambitions.
(2)Possess a strong spirit in helping the company grow, based on a sense of ownership.
(3)Always give consideration to your coworkers, and treat teamwork and communication as valuable.
(4)Strive to improve yourself, and do not relax your efforts towards personal growth.

August 1, 2018
Mikio Hanai, President

Company Overview


Date established August 1, 1935

Capital ¥1.81 billion

Representative Mikio Hanai, President

Headquarters address 1876 Higashi-machi, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 430-8510

Consolidated employees 1,416 (as of end of March 2022)

Consolidated sales ¥47.0 billion (fiscal year period ending March 2022)

Listed exchange Tokyo Stock Exchange, Standard Market

Fiscal term March

Areas of business Manufacturing, processing and sales of various synthetic resin products

Company History

The 20th Century
Aug. 1935: Established Kyowa Leather Cloth Co., Ltd. through the merger of four companies,
Fuji Kakufu, Asahi Leather, Dai-Nippon Leather, and Nihon Gikaku

Jun. 1942: Tokushima factory established in Satoura-son, Itano-gun, Tokushima Prefecture (now Naruto City)

Jan. 1949: Began manufacture of vinyl chloride leather

Nov. 1950: Established Nankai Gomu (previously Nankai Technart Co., Ltd.);
transferred ownership of part of the Tokushima factory

Sept.1961: Listed stocks on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Jan. 1962: Became the first company in Japan to gain permission to use the JIS mark on vinyl leather

Sept.1963: Began manufacture of urethane synthetic leather

Nov. 1963: Began manufacture of wallpaper

Dec. 1968: Established Tenryu factory #1 in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

May 1974: Established Tenryu factory #2 in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Jul. 1974: Established Kobe Kyosho Co., Ltd. (previously Kyowle Co., Ltd.)

Sept.1978: Relocated headquarters from Sumida Ward, Tokyo to Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

May 1981: Established Shinshiro factory in Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture

Dec.1984: Began manufacture of TPO

May 1985: Established Fukude factory in Fukude-cho, Iwata-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture (now Iwata City)

Jul. 1989: Established Asaba factory in Asaba-cho, Iwata-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture (now Fukuroi City)

May 1991: Built a Technical center

Sept.1993: Built the Honsha-Jimukan (Headquarters Office Center)

Mar. 1997: Increased capital to ¥1.81 billion through public stock offerings

The 21st Century
Jun. 2000: Entire company acquired ISO14001 environmental certification

Apr. 2001: Acquired all stocks of Nihon Gravure Co., Ltd.

Oct. 2001: Acquired ISO9001 product quality certification

Dec. 2001: Established Kyowa Support & Service Co., Ltd.

Jul. 2003: Established Nanya Kyowa Plastics (Nantong) Co.,LTD.,
an equity-method affiliated company

Apr. 2004: Established Kyowa-GSK Plastics (Langfang) Co., Ltd., an equity-method affiliated company

Jan. 2008: Built a QA center

Nov. 2010: Won an award in the “Monozukuri” environmental parts division(sponsored by Nikkan-Kogyo Shimbun)
for Kyowa Leather Cloth’s water-based urethane synthetic leather

Oct. 2011: Changed Kyowa-GSK Plastics (Langfang) Co., Ltd. to a consolidated subsidiary

May 2014: Won an award from the Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture,
for meritorious conduct in the proper disposal of industrial waste

Apr. 2015: Brought a decorative roof film product to market, in collaboration with an automotive manufacturer

Apr. 2015: Formulated and announced the company’s mid-term business plan, “2020 Vision”

Jul. 2018: Nankai Technart Co., Ltd. merged with Nihon Gravure Co., Ltd. and Kyowle Co., Ltd.,
and are now doing business as Kyowa Life Techno Co., Ltd.

Organizational Chart

Organization chart