Kyowa Leather Cloth Co., Ltd.

Our purchasing policy

Our purchasing policy

01Fair competition based on an open-door policy

We offer open and equitable opportunities for companies who are interested in doing business with us, regardless of nationality, business scale, or track record. In addition to practical economic matters such as quality, technology, price, quantity, and the reliability and stability of delivery times, we give overall consideration to the business stability and the technological development capabilities of the suppliers we select.

02Coexistence and co-prosperity based on mutual trust

Kyowa Leather Cloth has been awarded the satisfaction of our customers of our customers by providing high-quality products at a reasonable price. For this reason, under our policy of coexistence and co-prosperity based on mutual trust, we wish for our suppliers as well make efforts quality management and cost reduction activities, for the purpose of improving customer satisfaction. We believe that it is important for both our company and our suppliers to continue to grow, by promoting close mutual communication through these kinds of activities.

03Creating products that are eco-friendly, by promoting "green purchasing"

Kyowa Leather Cloth contributes to building a well-circulating society by offering eco-friendly products to our customers. This is why our aim is to procure materials that have a low impact on the environment from ecologically-conscious suppliers.

04Promoting localization with the aim of being a good corporate citizen

As companies in Japan become more internationalized, Kyowa Leather Cloth has responded to our customers' requests by actively engaging in local production. For local production, we are involved in purchasing activities, with our foremost policy being to procure from local suppliers, so that we can contribute to local society as a local company.

05Abiding by the regulations

We place importance on mutually handling confidential information in regard to purchasing activities with ample care. We comply with the norms of society and relevant laws and regulations and we abide by the spirit of the same.