Kyowa Leather Cloth Co., Ltd.

Philosophy of the Kyowa Group


“We are sure to realize the brilliant growth with the people got together work with respect for each other and with cooperative spirit”: the unchanging desire established at the time of Kyowa foundation. This makes us and all our stakeholders as “one string” of “harmony and cooperation”.

Kyowa Leather Cloth was born in August 1935 by merging of four companies consisting of five factories. Our current company name originates from our desire to combine and deploy those original companies traditions and technologies in order to achieve brilliant advances in harmony with everything. We will continue to deliver delight and excitement to society, and to connect our customers, suppliers, communities, Group companies, and employees with "harmony and cooperation".

Philosophy of the Kyowa Group

Philosophy of the Kyowa Group

01Ideals of our Founder (Yasusaburo Hara)

Our company was formed from the harmonious merger of four companies with five factories. We are committed to returning to our founder’s high ideals ”Combining each of the merging company’s tradition and technology, and combining individual company’s advantages to.” and to making continuous progress in the spirit of "human harmony and cooperation".

02Management Philosophy

1. Harmony with society
With a high ethical sense, we will be a corporate citizen being trust worthy in society through open and fair business activities.

2. Harmony with customers
We will continually conceive of and provide new values that exceed customer expectations.

3. Cooperation in the Kyowa Group
We will take the lead in identifying the needs of the times and create development and production capabilities that far surpass the competition.

4. Harmony with employees
We will develop a corporate culture which enables our employees to feel pride and achieve continuous growth on a foundation of mutual trust between labor and management.


1.Provide satisfaction to customers that exceeds their expectations.

2.Develop together with our suppliers and members of our communities.

3.Grow together with the Kyowa Group companies.

4.Provide peace of mind, safety, and happiness to our employees and their families.

04Principles of Conduct

1. Meet the challenge of working by pursuing your dreams and ambitions.

2. Possess a strong spirit in helping the company grow, based on a sense of ownership.

3. Always give consideration to your coworkers, and treat teamwork and communication as valuable.

4. Strive to improve yourself, and do not spare your efforts toward personal growth.