At Kyowa Leather Cloth, we have manufactured and sold cover materials since the day our business was founded.
We are #1 in market share in Japan for synthetic leather cover materials for automotive interiors, and #2 worldwide.

With a 70% market share,
Kyowa Leather Cloth keeps responding to
the unshakeable trust we earn.

Kyowa Leather Cloth holds a 70% market share in the area of synthetic leather cover materials for automotive interiors in Japan. Our products have received overwhelming support, thanks to our development of highly functional products with top-quality look and feel. Our products offer the optimal balance from a variety of perspectives to meet the needs of our customers. For instance, consider our designs that match your sensibilities, or the comfort you feel inside of your vehicle... or the way we build recyclability into our products to maintain everlasting harmony with the environment.

Uses for automotive products

Our automotive products are used in the places shown below.

Polyurethane products

Seats, door trim, consoles, etc.

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Our polyurethane products make a soft, smooth texture a reality. These products are lightweight and feature superior surface strength.

Olefin products

Door trim, instrument panels, consoles, etc.

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Olefin products feature material with dispersed olefin-type plastic and rubber. They feature excellent recyclability and contribute to lightweight product designs. These products also feature excellent durability (against light, heat and cold), and are used on a wide range of parts.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) products

Seats, door trim, consoles, interior/exterior parts for decoration, etc.

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PVC (polyvinyl chloride) can be used to express a variety of designs and in a variety of forming processes, and features a good cost balance in terms of material. Used in many outdoor applications and on products that are subject to severe usage conditions.

Interior/exterior decorative film


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