Various decorative products like wall covering film, wood paneling for furniture, interior doors and walls,
and steel laminated decorative film in modular bathrooms are used in places where many people come together—offices, commercial facilities and more.

Creating the "look" and "feel" of your comfortable living space.

The varied elements of interior design such as color, texture, materials, and design intertwine to create a harmonious, comfortable living space.
Kyowa Leather Cloth’s products are used as materials on many interior products, helping to create a comfortable living space.
Our film and synthetic leather technologies are used to make durable, stylish products that decorate the spaces where many people come together, such as office and commercial facilities, perfectly matching the visual concept.

Example of use

Uses for housing products

Our housing products are used in the places shown below.

Interior materials

Interior, kitchens, modular bathrooms, wall covering materials (film), etc.

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Kyowa Leather Cloth integrates its processing, advanced printing and laminating technologies accumulated through many years' experience, on plywood and decorative sheets for steel panels, to help create a "total coordination".

Exterior materials

Entrance doors, closets, rooftop waterproofing, etc.

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We offer an abundant array of films that feature richly expressive designs such as single color, woodgrain, abstract patterns, metallic and so on. Our films are highly durable and water-repellent, and are used on entrance doors, closets and so on. We also offer products that are used in places that are not easily seen, such as in rooftop greening.