About Kyowa Leather Cloth

Kyowa Leather Cloth’s business covers a wide range of areas, with materials for automotive, residential and housing, fashion, and lifestyle use.
Our products bring people a richer lifestyle and are used in a variety of situations, from automotive interior materials to residential building materials, furniture, and even shoes and handbags.

Kyowa Leather Cloth offers the products
that become part of your lifestyle.

At Kyowa Leather Cloth, we have manufactured and sold cover materials since the day our business was founded.
From automotive to residential to fashion, our goal has been to create products that bring richness, comfort and a pleasant feeling of ease to the daily lives of our customers in a variety of situations.

Kyowa Leather Cloth creates products based on the tastes of our end users, which take deep root in a variety of daily situations.
Some of these products include automotive interior cover materials on which the fine quality can be seen, touched and experienced; wall covering materials to decorate spaces in a wide array of colors; and other products from wearables like handbags and shoes, to furniture and lifestyle materials.

As we move towards becoming a century-old company, Kyowa Leather Cloth Co., Ltd. will continue to bring products to the world that always bring fresh inspiration to our customers,
with our fervent passion for making things and with our bountiful sense of creativity.

Business domains covered by Kyowa Leather Cloth

Kyowa Leather Cloth makes synthetic cover materials that are used in automotive, residential, housing, fashion, and lifestyle materials.
Due to their pliant nature, synthetic skins and covers are widely used in many areas and on a variety of products that take deep root in our daily lives.

Bringing top-grade quality to the world.

Our technological expertise at Kyowa Leather Cloth has allowed us to capture 70% of the market share for synthetic leather cover materials for automotive interiors in Japan. This expertise is embodied in our business, as our international expansion accelerates. We match our resin processing technology (which is at the top of the class even on a global level) with the needs of each region across the globe, contributing to the satisfaction of our customers with new technologies and product variations.

Kyowa Leather Cloth has also acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications for product quality and environmental efforts that are on par with the standards of the world. We have established a QA (Quality Assurance) center, in order to improve our ability to assure product quality and develop new products. We strive to provide high-quality, top-grade products through product evaluation and analysis, as well as through quantitative evaluations of the way our products look and feel.

Our Main Areas of Business

車両事業 Automotive

At Kyowa Leather Cloth, we have manufactured and sold cover materials since the day our business was founded. We are #1 in market share in Japan for synthetic leather cover materials for automotive interiors, and #2 worldwide.

住宅・住設事業 Housing

Various decorative products like wall covering film, wood paneling for furniture, interior doors and walls, and steel laminated decorative film in modular bathrooms are used in places where many people come together—offices, commercial facilities and more.

ファッション・生活資材事業 Fashion and lifestyle

The fashion and lifestyle-related materials that we manufacture offer a sense of quality design, favorable texture and functionality for a wide range of products like shoes, handbags, furniture, variety goods and more. Our excellent quality is well-known throughout the marketplace.